98.5’s Fred Toucher dealing with warmth for ‘gross’ Invoice Walton feedback says he ‘probably shouldn’t have stated it, not on that day’


One more 98.5 The Sports Hub host is underneath fireplace for making “gross” feedback after a sports activities legend handed away.

On the day after basketball legend Invoice Walton died, 98.5 morning present host Fred Toucher known as Walton a “phony hippie” and replayed a 2010 interview when the host hung up on the Celtics champ.

Toucher acquired heavy on-line criticism within the wake of his Tuesday remarks, and he addressed it throughout the starting of Wednesday’s present.

“I saw yesterday there were all these wonderful memoriams of Bill Walton. Everyone loves him, and he’s the greatest,” Toucher stated. “And then there’s one a-hole that said something that wasn’t nice, and that was me. So that was poor timing.

“Apparently everyone loves Bill Walton,” Toucher added. “Poor timing, you know. So there you go. Probably shouldn’t have said it, not on that day. Alright, what’s coming up Hardy?”

A listener on Tuesday had requested Toucher to play the audio from his 2010 interview with Walton throughout the Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals. Walton’s son Luke was on the Lakers on the time.

“He called in and he was acting the fool about his son on the Lakers,” Toucher stated on Tuesday as he mocked Walton for promoting Jeep Wranglers.

“While he was selling cars, like make up your mind you phony hippie,” Toucher added. “Like are you really selling cars or you all about peace and love?”

Toucher’s co-hosts stated they shouldn’t run the 2010 interview when he hung up on Walton, however Toucher insisted.

“Just go ahead, he’s dead,” Toucher stated. “I didn’t kill him. Go ahead, play it.”

Toucher has since been dealing with warmth on social media, and different sports activities radio hosts are calling him out.

“He’s a jerkoff,” Pat Donovan, of the “Pat and Aaron Show” in Tampa Bay, stated of Toucher on Wednesday.

“That’s gross,” he added of Toucher’s feedback about Walton.

Aaron Jacobson of the Tampa present stated, “I don’t think he (Toucher) should lose his job over it, I just don’t know why anybody would want to listen to that.”

“Toucher and Hardy” has been dominating the morning rankings in Boston.

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