A true legendary Patriot with a pure soul who serves humanity, Acknowledged as The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Mentor of all time and The Deadliest Man Alive in the world Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir.

A true legendary Patriot with a pure soul who serves humanity, Acknowledged as The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Mentor of all time and The Deadliest Man Alive in the world Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir.

By, Neil Amber, Editor for The Boston Courier, USA Date- 26/05/2022. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is a trustworthy patriotic person at the core and an advocates of all causes that further change into developing India. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is known as the World’s Best Commandos Mentor and trainer. He was recognized by billions of people in India and internationally due to his missions and countless services. Now Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is a daring nationalist, because of his spirited apolitical remarks that people love. His massively attended public speeches and videos see him unfold his staunch patriotism for a rustic that he loves greater than his life itself.

However, regardless of being the world’s most outstanding mentor, trainer, and counter-insurgency knowledge, some individuals in India tried to defame him and called him a fake personality. But he never gives up and fights for himself for his country and proves them wrong. Masterji is a living legend and a great human being who thinks about his country before he thinking about himself. He wants to serve this country at any cost, so he bravely takes a stand for himself and proves them wrong; who feels that he is a fraud or doing this all for self-interest.  

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Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir has started multiple training programs for the nation, such as Mission Prahar, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Prachand Bharat, and many others. He is also known for his greatest revolution and invention in commandos mentoring by introducing Mitti System exclusively for Indian armed forces and elite forces utterly free of cost. He is also a huge supporter of women’s empowerment because he thinks that encouraging women to feel strong makes them strong and gives them the courage to do something for the country. If the country’s women are strong and safe and can protect themselves from any difficult situation, she can completely change the environment of society.  He said you could make a woman strong by telling them that they can do everything they want to do. Women can work outside their home; can have the opportunity to make up their minds. They are not dependent on men. They can earn livelihoods to support their family by working through their abilities. All they need is some courage and confidence and most important some skills to protect themselves in any difficult situation.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir believes that the development and security of a country are not only dependent on its military forces or some politicians; he believes that every citizen living in the country is responsible for the development of their country. So, it is now the obligatory duty for everyone not to ask how the government can serve us but how the nation can better strengthen the country by faithfully performing its obligation. This is because a country’s laws mean nothing if they are not respected and adhered to by its citizens. Such laws call upon to protect the citizens from surroundings and warn them before any problematic situation. People must also be aware of the ideas that influence the Indian masses and examine whether they help further India’s development. With that in mind, people must realize that pandering to political issues is not what makes the country ahead, but a patriotic feeling towards it definitely will. And this is all about his mission preaching.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is an excellent source of inspiration for the billions of patriots worldwide. He is the one who lives every moment of his life in the name of his country and devotes himself to serve the nation. Master Shifuji is known in his country for his love for the motherland and serving humanity without any personal interest. He has become a role model and inspiration for all the Patriots of the world today, as he does not live for himself but his countrymen.  

He has massive followers that believe in apolitical patriotism. The youth respect him because of his bravery, attitude, extreme fitness routines, selfless services for youth and the country, revolutionary perspective, and especially because he never shares anything online related to his free Commandos Training, Commandos Mentoring services for his publicity or self-interest. He is indeed a humble man to the true patriots but the deadliest to bad fellows.  

The World has continued to battle with different forms of vulnerabilities issues, with several personalities coming up with solutions to the crisis. But, Grandmaster Shifuji made history by becoming the World’s youngest inventor of the Deadliest customized counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency system, and Urban Warfare. His services in the Special Forces Freelance Commandos Mentoring and the Mitti boot camps industry’s extreme robustness appear to help the World reduce terrorism to the barest minimum with his knowledge, and unbelievable experiences.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir has three main projects, which are:

The first mission is the mission prachand Bharat shaurya, which will educate all Indians the same as the Gurukul’s manner, the way he was brought up. The gurukul system can bring good moral values, pride, and nationalism, along with skills with disaster management and extreme survival tactics. Mission Prachand Bharatis to mentor the youngsters in different practical-based skills, generate 50 Million Jobs for Indian youth, and prepare them to be accountable.

The second dream project is the grandmaster shifuji’s mission prahar for women empowerment and women employment program. The goal of the project is to train millions of women of all ages. He teaches them a calculated assessment based on confidence to protect themselves against threats and extreme street crimes. His Mission Prahar Education Trust is working vigorously to Mentor and Train people to be instructors, trainers, and professionals in the related fields to generate their respectful living. 

He believes in equality, so his third Mission is MERI MITTI means my soil which is the identity of every patriotic person. This mission is entirely free of cost countrywide and focuseson mentoring, inspiring, and training youth to be responsible, employable, and valuable citizens of the motherland. Mission Meri Mitti organizes free-of-cost training sessions and Mitti Boot Camps and trains youth to handle extreme physical and mental challenges in real life. 


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  21. World’s only celebrity to have trained 4 million women under a campaign. 
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