Adina Brunetti: “Pick Your Business Symbol Wisely”

Adina Brunetti: “Pick Your Business Symbol Wisely”

Sometimes, it is easy to believe that only hard work and commitment are required for your business to succeed. After all, you must have heard many business experts talk about their commitment to making their companies competitive, amongst others. There is one thing you don’t know. This is the fact that most of these people are using symbols which represent one form of good luck or another. 

The major aim of this post is to reveal some important symbols that can give you good luck in business. These may sound unbelievable, but they are real. Combine any of these with hard work, and the sky will be your limit. 


In Chinese culture, many people consider the dragon symbol one of the most powerful. In 2021, it was discovered that many people learned to believe in the golden dragon more than other years. This is due to how they have found it can activate business success. According to most businessmen and businesswomen who use this symbol, it represents honor, power, abundance, and luck. 

Pink Flamingo

You must be wondering why Adina Brunetti, a popular name in the business world, has decided to use this as her business symbol. The answer is quite simple to imagine – it has been discovered to bring happiness and success. It has a special way of making you feel energetic for the day’s jobs or tasks. Also, whenever a flamingo is standing on one leg, it is believed that something good is about to happen to you. 

Adina Brunetti says: “Pick your business symbol wisely. Even if it will not change your luck, it is for sure an element associated with your brand.”

Laughing Buddha

This is another famous symbol for good luck that most people use in their businesses. In fact, it has been referred to as a “lucky charm” for business. There is the belief that it can bring joy, happiness, wealth and abundance. The secret here is choosing one that is big in terms of statue. In fact, ensure its belly is very round. This is because the rounder its belly, that is how you will enjoy more success. 

Also, your wishes will become a reality when such belly is rubbed. To attract wealth and become more successful, you can have this laughing buddha placed on top of your desk. 


This good luck symbol is thought to have originated in India. There is this belief that putting the image of an elephant around an office can eliminate obstacles. Are you having problems closing deals with clients? Do you know that such can be gotten rid of with the image of an elephant? This is why you will see their sculptures in most homes and offices. It is a true symbol of good luck. 

Red Envelopes

Instead of thinking about using any kind of envelope in your office or business, why not start using only red envelopes? This is because they are capable of being good luck. It originated in China, and people are still using it. For instance, during special events or occasions, these are being used. It is believed to attract protection and luck. 

Final thoughts 

These are some of the most popular symbols for good luck in any business. You can start using any of them to get better results.