Author Gabriela Charatsari publishes another amazing book

Author Gabriela Charatsari publishes another amazing book

Best-selling author Gabriela Charatsari released her latest children’s book, Miss Squeaky Boots, on January 18, 2022. Charatsari is known for creating emotionally rich stories that teach kids about key values, like being true to yourself, and how to deal with difficult situations, such as bullying.

Miss Squeaky Boots tackles the issues of poverty, materialism, popularity, and the role of family through the moving story of eleven-year-old Fotini. We are first introduced to Fotini walking to school in her old, squeaky boots, which she’s stuck wearing because her family doesn’t have much money. At school, her classmates make fun of her, giving her the nickname “Miss Squeaky Boots.”

Everything changes when Fotini walks home and helps an elderly woman. In return for the girl’s kind gesture, the older woman gives her a beautiful, brand-new pair of boots — then, she disappears! Fotini eagerly puts the new shoes on and throws the old ones away. She walks to school proudly and, for once, the other kids don’t tease her.

But this change of circumstances doesn’t satisfy Fotini. Soon, she finds herself fantasizing about stylish new clothes to match the new shoes. Lo and behold, she discovers herself in a fabulous new outfit! It becomes clear that the boots grant wishes, and Fotini goes on a wishing spree. She gets a whole new wardrobe, plus jewelry, accessories, and snacks… her imagination runs wild. Finally, she wishes to be the most popular girl at school and finds herself beloved by all.

Fotini is brought back to reality when a neighbor informs her that her mother is in the hospital. When Fotini sorrowfully visits, her mother doesn’t even wake up, and no amount of wishing can make her well.

Then, fortuitously, Fotini runs into the old woman again. The woman is not only elderly, but wise, and explains to Fotini that there’s more to life than material possessions. In fact, the most important things are family and being true to yourself, rather than putting on a show to make others like you.

You’ll have to read the book yourself to see how Fotini takes this lesson to heart and transforms her relationships with both her peers and mother. The heartwarming ending, typical of Charatsari’s books, shows kids the benefits of staying true to their values and even provides actionable steps to do so.

The bestselling book Miss Squeaky Boots is well suited for children ages six and above, and is available for purchase online via Amazon or in retail stores around the world. Through these outlets, you can also find Charatsari’s many other children’s books in both English and German, including her story Buzz the Brave, which won Literary Titan’s prestigious Golden Award.

Miss Squeaky Boots