Biden still positive for virus as he deals with antiviral drug ‘rebound’: Doctor

Biden still positive for virus as he deals with antiviral drug ‘rebound’: Doctor

President Biden continues to test positive due to a “rebound” effect from his antiviral treatment for COVID-19 but he feels well as he starts the week, his doctor said Monday.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor said the president will remain in strict isolation at the White House after his antigen test returned positive.

“He will continue to conduct the business of the American people from the executive residence,” Dr. O’Connor said in a daily memo.

Mr. Biden tested positive for the virus on Saturday after having tested negative four times last week following a course of Paxlovid pills, a boomerang effect seen in other people who have taken the antiviral drug from Pfizer.

Dr. O’Connor said Mr. Biden’s symptoms haven’t returned. 

The president is being tested frequently to measure his status and is in isolation at the residence in case he remains infectious, given the number of Secret Service agents, aides and staff on campus.

Experts say Paxlovid rebound impacts a small percentage of recipients, although Dr. Anthony Fauci also experienced it this year.

Researchers say it might have something to do with how the drug is metabolized in certain individuals and whether it reaches enough infected cells to stop all viral replication.

Others say the drug was tested against previous variants and not the one dominant now, so it’s possible a longer course of treatment is needed.

However, experts say the drug appears to be staving off severe disease as it did in clinical trials.

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