Clinton trashes Trump, Republicans, Fox News in New York address to Democrats

Clinton trashes Trump, Republicans, Fox News in New York address to Democrats

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday accused conservative news outlets of malice in their reporting about a court filing that alleges her 2016 presidential campaign helped spy on President Trump.

Appearing at the New York Democratic Nominating Convention in New York City, Mrs. Clinton also bashed Republicans over the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol as well as red-state election laws Democrats say limit voter access. 

Mrs. Clinton delivered the keynote address at the convention, which was held to nominate Gov. Kathy Hochul to run for a four-year term in November. Mrs. Hochul ascended to the role of governor after Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign over sexual harassment allegations. 

Before introducing Mrs. Hochul, Mrs. Clinton lashed out at Fox News, which is among the few news outlets covering the spying allegations involving Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

“They are getting awfully close to actual malice in their attacks,” Mrs. Clinton told New York Democrats at their nominating convention, which was held in New York City on Thursday.

Mrs. Clinton told the crowd that Republicans “have been coming after me again lately.” She said the GOP is attacking her to deflect attention away from an ongoing House investigation into Jan. 6.

Mrs. Clinton also pointed to the news that Mr. Trump’s accounting firm announced it cut ties with him over questionable financial statements. 

“It’s funny, the more trouble Trump gets into, the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get,” Mrs. Clinton said.

Mrs. Clinton on Twitter denied the allegations put forward in a new court filing by special counsel John Durham, who is investigating the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia collusion probe.

In the new filing, Mr. Durham said he has evidence that the Clinton campaign paid for tech experts to illegally access Mr. Trump’s residence and later at the White House seeking damaging information to propel the claim that he colluded with Russia to win the election. 

Mrs. Clinton said Thursday the right wing is trying to protect Trump over his legal problems. 

“Investigations draw closer to him, and right on cue noise machine gets turned up, doesn’t it?” Mrs. Clinton told the crowd. “Fox leads the charge with accusations against me, counting on their audience to fall for it again and again.”