Cris Collinsworth praises Aaron Rodgers for being ‘honest’

Cris Collinsworth praises Aaron Rodgers for being ‘honest’

There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

But considering Rodgers’ vaccine controversy earlier this year, some online criticized NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth for calling the Packers’ signal-caller “honest” during “Sunday Night Football.”

“He doesn’t care. Have you seen a guy, and in particular this year, be more honest about everything?” Collinsworth said during Green Bay’s 45-30 win over Chicago. “You may not agree with everything he says, but we have heard from the beginning of this entire season exactly what he thinks about everything.”

The public certainly has heard a lot from Rodgers this year, from his training camp press conference explaining his beef with the organization, his weekly segments on “The Pat McAfee Show” and even his time showing his foot on a Zoom call with the media.

But what Rodgers’ 2021 season is most known for thus far is his vaccine controversy. He said during the preseason that he was “immunized” against COVID-19, only to test positive during the season and be required to miss 10 days — and one game — due to him not being vaccinated.

Following the news of him getting COVID-19, he had a fiery defense on “The Pat McAfee Show,” before offering a halfway apology the next week.