Donald Trump threatens to divulge ‘real facts’ about ‘wacko’ Bette Midler

Donald Trump threatens to divulge ‘real facts’ about ‘wacko’ Bette Midler

Former President Donald Trump vowed to spill the beans on actress-singer Bette Midler over her attack on the people of West Virginia.

In a statement Thursday, Mr. Trump called Ms. Midler a “wacko” over her comments that Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin wants the rest of the country to be like his home state of West Virginia — “poor, illiterate, and strung out.”

Ms. Midler apologized to “the good people of WVA” after an online backlash. But Mr. Trump said there is more heck to pay for her, and he’ll be providing it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell the real facts about her in my book. I love you, West Virginia!” the former president wrote.

The former president claimed a double standard about media outrage, referring allusively to the two … having an online history.

For example, when Ms. Midler tweeted a fake quote falsely attributed to Mr. Trump in the midst of a June 2019 tirade against the then-president — not her first — Mr. Trump called her a “washed up psycho” and “a sick scammer!”

“Wacko Bette Midler said horrible things about the great people of West Virginia and Joe Manchin, but when I say much less offensive things about her, everybody goes wild,” Mr. Trump said in Thursday’s statement.