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My vegetarian brother hovered over the range, looking at a package deal of raw beef scorching canines that he graciously deliberate to cook dinner for the remainder of us, his omnivorous household (he was consuming Past Brats). “What do I do with these?” he requested, and I chuckled to myself at his naiveté.

However two days later, my meat-eating, hot-dog-loving pal requested me the identical query, and I spotted: Does nobody really know cook dinner scorching canines?

To begin with, most processed scorching canines are precooked, so that you received’t doubtless give anybody meals poisoning in the event you serve them chilly, straight from the fridge in all their slippery, rubbery glory. (Reheating them, nonetheless, does make sure that you’ll kill any listeria that might probably be lurking.) However you shouldn’t do this.

The best scorching canine is heated up till it’s good and plump on the within and golden (and even charred) on the surface. Nonetheless, in the event you ask somebody about one of the simplest ways to organize a scorching canine, it is best to prepare for a struggle. Few folks agree on whether or not it is best to grill them, pan-fry them, microwave them, roast them within the oven or boil them. You possibly can even spiral-cut them or cook dinner them up into creepy little octopuses. Meals writers have examined each which-way within the identify of science, however there’s nonetheless no consensus.

Nonetheless you wish to cook dinner your canine, there’s a easy method for every methodology that it is best to grasp earlier than cookout season approaches. Verify them out under, ranked from our favourite to least favourite strategies.

1. Pan-Frying (beginning with a great steam)

This ensures a plump inside and a crispy exterior, and means that you can management the extent of golden brown on the surface. Don’t let the phrase “frying” idiot you ― there’s no oil concerned.

  1. Put half an inch of water in a frying pan and let it come to a simmer on medium-high warmth.

  2. Add the recent canines to the pan, a number of at a time, and pop a lid on the pan for about 2-3 minutes to allow them to steam. If the water boils off and the underside of the pan is dry earlier than the 2-3 minutes are up, simply add some extra water, slightly at a time.

  3. After 2-3 minutes of steaming, take away the lid from the pan and let the water boil dry. Now roll the recent canines round for a couple of minutes to get them browned on all sides.

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Begin grilled scorching canines over low warmth and end them over increased warmth.

2. Grilling

This’ll provide you with nice char marks and a pleasant smoky taste.

  1. Flip in your grill. You need one facet of your grill to be hotter and one cooler.

  2. Begin cooking the recent canines on the cooler facet of the grill (this prevents the outsides from burning too shortly). Cook dinner them for one minute on all sides.

  3. Transfer the recent canines to the recent facet of the grill till they attain the colour you want.

3. Oven-Roasting

This methodology is right in the event you’re making an enormous batch for a crowd.

  1. Preheat your oven to 400 levels Fahrenheit.

  2. Put scorching canines on a cookie sheet that’s been lined with foil (this makes cleanup tremendous straightforward!) and cook dinner for quarter-hour. They’ll sizzle and begin to flip brown, so regulate them till you get your required final result.

4. Microwave

The parents at Leite’s Culinaria have shared a vital scorching canine microwaving trick that makes use of a paper towel. To microwave a greater canine, simply wrap it in a paper towel earlier than nuking for 30 seconds at 80% energy. Overlaying it with a paper towel holds within the steam guaranteeing a plump, juicy canine. Straightforward and scrumptious.

Look how sad these boiled hot dogs look.

Douglas Sacha through Getty Pictures

Look how unhappy these boiled scorching canines look.

5. Boiling

Simply don’t do it. As the oldsters at Nathan’s Well-known say, “Honestly we just don’t recommend it. We didn’t back in 1916 when Nathan Handwerker started it all, and we still don’t today. When you boil a Nathan’s, all that special flavor rushes out into the water. And let’s be frank: who wants to eat a watered-down hot dog?”

(However in the event you insist, it is best to carry your water to a rolling boil and cook dinner the recent canines for 5-6 minutes.)

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