Exclusive feature on the star sci-fi author Christopher Laird

Exclusive feature on the star sci-fi author Christopher Laird

When sci-fi author Christopher Laird began to write books, he never thought that they would reach the level it has. He enjoyed reading and writing sci-fi when he was a child, and would always hope to publish his works one day. As with life, these plans became derailed and he lost the passion for writing that he once had as a young teenager in Detroit in the late 90s. It is now 2022 and he has published five books, directed a  play based on his books, and has a possible major motion picture in the works. Mr. Laird has accomplished a lot, and he continues to plug away with many other projects in the works, which he continues to be mum about. With 2 bestsellers under his belt and he anticipates his new book will be his third, Christopher Laird released Origins 4: The Rise Of Mykia this September.

 “I think this book is very special,” Laird tells the Boston Courier. “Yes we see and feel the excitement of our main characters as they time travel to save the world, but the book also touches on subjects that we are facing as a society today.”

Origins 4 is about series favorites Michael Stratford and Xona Bari who have to travel back in time to 1953 to intercept an alien race from getting a powerful weapon that is being held by the U.S government. Whoever gets to it first will surely have unlimited power and take over the galaxy in their time in the 28th century. The story also includes Stratford’s crew of Lieutenant Clegg, Lisa, Darrett, LaRona, Xona’s daughter Zeniyah and Princess Kora. Origins 4 is a brilliant sci-fi tale full of excitement and humor. But Laird also touches on the issues of the time.

“Xona’s daughter Zeniyah experiences racism,” Laird continues. “She is struggling to understand the hatred towards the black community and the many racial epithets she is hearing towards them. Xona and Stratford’s crew also encounter racism and the Jim Crow laws and they react to it the best way they know how. What is also interesting is that this experience draws parallels to the own racism in their own time, especially with Xona-who used to be a dictator and practiced this ideology”.

Origins 4: The Rise Of Mykia is available now on Amazon, lulu.com, Barnes and Noble, and all other major book retailers. You can also read about Christopher Laird at www.chrislaird.net.