Glenn Beck’s new book ‘The Great Reset’ now No. 1 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Glenn Beck’s new book ‘The Great Reset’ now No. 1 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Talk radio host and longtime media presence Glenn Beck has published his 21st book.

“The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of 21st Century Fascism” arrived on bookstore shelves Tuesday and is dedicated to “all those who believe that men are born to be free.”

The author’s premise appears to have resonated with readers. The book now leads the bestseller lists among all books, fiction and non-fiction alike, on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The “Great Reset,” the author claims, is “the single most important topic I have covered in my career, and the movement that could finally snuff out the flame of liberty in America.”

Mr. Beck cites multiple eroding forces at work in American society, including the coronavirus pandemic, climate change fanaticism and politics.

“An international conspiracy between powerful bankers, business leaders, and government officials; closed-door meetings in the Swiss Alps; and calls for a radical transformation of every society on earth — ‘The Great Reset’ sounds like it is one henchman-with-an-eyepatch away from being the plot for the next James Bond movie. But ‘The Great Reset’ is not a work of fiction,” publisher Forefront Books said in advance notes.

“It is a highly influential movement among the world’s elite to ‘reset’ the global economy using banks, government programs, and environmental, social, and governance metrics. If they are successful and the Great Reset is finalized, it would put substantially more economic and social power in the hands of large corporations, international institutions, banks, and government officials, including Joe Biden, the United Nations, and many of the members of the World Economic Forum,” the publisher noted.

Mr. Beck also offers a chapter devoted to “derailing the great reset.”

The 320-page book was written with Justin Haskins, director of the Stopping Socialism Center at the Heartland Institute, an Illinois-based free-market think tank.