Guided by Faith: The Journey of Pastor Wes Aarum and the Vintage Church Buffalo

Guided by Faith: The Journey of Pastor Wes Aarum and the Vintage Church Buffalo

Pastor Wes Aarum, a prominent figure in Buffalo, New York, has been instrumental in transforming the spiritual landscape of the city. His journey, marked by dedication and unwavering faith, has led to the growth of a vibrant community at the Vintage Church Buffalo.

Starting his journey as a drummer for the Christian band “Harvest” with hits such as “Let’s Fight (For a Generation)”, “Mighty River”, and “Will Come”, Aarum had the privilege of performing at sold-out concerts and festivals around the nation. However, a divine calling led him to pivot his path towards leading a college ministry named Vintage, which initially started with a modest group of about a dozen students. Under Aarum’s stewardship, the ministry witnessed a remarkable surge, growing to encompass over 600 members. This wasn’t a mere coincidence, but a reflection of Aarum’s dedication to cultivating an environment of inclusivity and welcome. Yet, in humility, Aarum credits not his own efforts, but God’s grace and guidance for this success.

In addition to his work with Vintage, Aarum took on the challenge of revitalizing a struggling small group program at a local mega church. Despite the program’s initial difficulties, Aarum’s innovative approach and dedication led to a remarkable turnaround. Within a year, the program had grown beyond anyone’s expectations, further solidifying Aarum’s reputation as a transformative leader. Again, Aarum gives credit to God for this success, acknowledging that it was through His divine intervention that such a transformation was possible.

Building on these successes, Aarum embarked on a new venture: planting a church. The Vintage Church Buffalo was born out of Aarum’s vision to create a community passionately devoted to loving and following Jesus. The church’s mission is simple: “Come just as you are and experience God’s grace.” This message resonates with the congregation, attracting a diverse group of followers.

Today, the Vintage Church Buffalo is a thriving community. So much so, that the church is outgrowing its current rented building and is now looking to expand. This growth is a testament to Aarum’s leadership and the welcoming, inclusive environment he has fostered. Yet, in all things, Aarum attributes the success of the Vintage Church Buffalo to God’s blessings and guidance.

Aarum’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on a community when they are guided by faith. Through his leadership and dedication, he has transformed not only the ministries he has led but also the lives of those who are part of them. As the Vintage Church Buffalo looks to the future, there is no doubt that under Aarum’s guidance, and with God’s grace, it will continue to grow and thrive.