Joe Biden to sign order to make government services more customer friendly

Joe Biden to sign order to make government services more customer friendly

President Biden on Monday will sign an executive order that directs federal agencies to fulfill a seemingly simple yet elusive task: making the government friendly and responsive.

The order includes a checklist of 36 ways to improve “customer experience” when Americans try to claim benefits, save on prescription drugs or file their taxes.

The plan updates Social Security for the digital age, making it easier for 54 million seniors to claim Social Security and health benefits online. It also will personalize Medicare tools so enrollees can manage their care and find pharmacies.

The IRS will be directed to let customers schedule callbacks when they seek help during the filing season, and disaster survivors will be able to document damage virtually from their mobile phones.

The plan also makes it easier to renew a passport online without having to go to the post office, according to the White House.

“Whether searching for vaccine safety information, claiming retirement benefits, receiving health insurance, passing through a security checkpoint, or checking the status of a farm loan application, Americans expect government services to be responsive to their needs,” the White House said. “But too often, people have to navigate a tangled web of government websites, offices, and phone numbers to access the services they depend on. The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to ensuring an effective, equitable, and accountable government that meets the needs of its people.”

The White House said people will be able to manage their college loans on a single website, veterans will be able to track benefits with one login password and farmers seeking loans will see less paperwork, among other actions.