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Kacey Musgraves is wanting again at her dream blunt rotation.

Because the Grammy winner marked the nine-year anniversary of her second album “Pageant Material,” she shared a sequence of throwback pictures and recollections on Instagram this week.

Amongst them: getting excessive along with her hero, singer Willie Nelson, whereas opening for him on tour in 2014.

Musgraves recalled getting invited onto his bus for “coffee and smoke” earlier than Nelson took the stage one night time, “the first time” she ever lit up with him. The “hazy” chat to comply with led to their first collaboration — a canopy of Nelson’s “Are You Sure.”

The dulcet duet could be launched by Musgraves as a hidden monitor on “Pageant Material.”

“We talked about all kinds of things,” she wrote on Instagram: “Our light-up western suits, conspiracy theories, aliens, his early job of cuttin’ trees down in East Texas, the history of hemp growth in the United States, and old songs.”

Their dialog ultimately turned to his 1965 track about remorse, wherein Nelson solemnly croons: “Are you sure this is where you want to be?”

When Musgraves requested if he’s ever sung it stay, he merely grabbed his guitar and directed these lyrics at her.

“I was officially on another planet at this point, hanging onto the fabric of time, barely able to cognize reality and form words but I managed to eek out a ‘yes,’” she recalled. “He started strumming. We started singing. And he said ‘I’ll record this one with ya if you want.’”

The duo reunited for a rendition of “Rainbow Connection” from “The Muppet Movie” in 2019.

Mickey Bernal/WireImage/Getty Pictures

Musgraves, who began out with three self-released albums within the 2000s, added, “Next thing I know we’re in Austin and filming the video.”

Musgraves, whose pictures confirmed the duo arm in arm and having pictures of tequila, added: “It’s a good thing there is visual record of this moment in my life – otherwise I wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t just some hazy, sparkly, pipe dream that never actually happened.”

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