Louisiana citizen awarded Lord of the Manor Title

Louisiana citizen awarded Lord of the Manor Title

Photo of King Charles III 
(Public Domain)              
Photo of Tony T. Williams, the Lord Packwoods
(By Loyd Williams)

The Lord of the Manor of Packwoods is a feudal title traced back to the Domesbook with a documented history since 1066. The first Lord of the Manor of Packwoods was Grim of Curling Tye in pre-Conquest times. Later William the Conqueror granted the title of Lord of the Manor of Packwoods to Eudo, the Stewart. This Manor sits in Boxted Parish of Essex County in the United Kingdom.

The awarding of the 14th Lordship to Tony Williams was announced on February 5, 2024, in The Gazette, Notices #4547698 and #4551704. The Gazette, formerly The London Gazette, was established in 1665 and serves as the Sovereign’s official public record. Announcements are made by The Stationery Office of King Charles III. This title is hereditary and will pass to his son and is considered. While this is a historic title of nobility, it is not a royal title nor a peerage.

This announcement was made following the announcement of the King’s cancer diagnosis. Tony is an advert research enthusiast and hopes to keep the history of the Lordship alive by exposing others to its history via various social media platforms in the future.

Tony Williams is a retired US Army Master Sergeant with a Master of Arts in Health Care Administrations. He has travelled the world and spent three years in Europe towards the end of his twenty-two-year career.