McMurray Stern: Reinventing The Automated Storage Industry

McMurray Stern: Reinventing The Automated Storage Industry

For automated storage solutions provider McMurray Stern, the technology of the solutions it uses is constantly evolving. By demonstrating how automated processes are more efficient in growing a business, McMurray Stern has grown exponentially by partnering with multiple companies and organizations. For those seeking a storage system that allows for saving, organizing and maximizing space, McMurray Stern is here to fulfill those needs.

Partnering with HAI ROBOTICS, McMurray Stern developed the automation of storage systems for “intelligent picking and handling.” The robotics support multiple in-bound and outbound workstations, using specific AI algorithms to accurately complete multiple tasks.

HAIPICK Robots are one of its customized technologies that assist with the operations and production process. Features include: efficient human-machine collaborations, operation process optimization, facilitating efficient production, whole automation process, and quick response, which reduces the operating costs by using robots to create an operating system that collaborates with people and the products for less labor time.

In addition to robotics, McMurray Stern emphasizes the importance of mechanical engineering. Mechanical storage units are commonly used in carousels when taking care of fragile items that need to be transported at a slower rate. Cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and small electronics are usually run through this type of system.

McMurray Stern helps assist an array of industries by turning everyday spaces into productive workplaces. These industries include: offices, agriculture, healthcare, grocery, retail, and military/government. The company’s focus is primarily on preserving valuables with its state-of-the-art technology.

Whether distributing medication prescriptions or checking inventory, the healthcare industry requires meticulous attention to detail. To simplify material management and offer unmatched flexibility and configurability for storage needs, McMurray Stern teamed up with Modular Millwork/ IOPC to ensure that structure management systems are easier for employees to navigate.

Multiple storage units is one solution for the healthcare industry. Sterile storage allows products to be clean and well-organized. Material carts can transform into variations, where companies can assemble carts depending on the manufacturer’s needs. Inside the carts are drawers, dividers, trays, and bins.

One major issue within healthcare is hospital bed storage, as seen especially during the pandemic. McMurray Stern’s solution lifts and stores hospital beds by taking them off the floor and stacking them in a vertical system, allowing for more room on the main floor.

Consumer demands are forever increasing for companies that offer same-day delivery and curbside pick-up. As a result, grocery stores need their products to get to their customers quickly. McMurray Stern’s automated distribution and storage solutions provide them with transportation systems to ensure that products get delivered safely on time.

One of its partners, the Western Pacific Storage Solutions, is a leading engineering and manufacturing company that designs anything related to global supply chain management. To ensure grocery stores and retailers are thriving, McMurray Stern developed a micro-fulfillment solution to focus on providing a positive shopping experience by using shuttle systems and automated sorters and carriers. This allows consumers to purchase and receive their products on the same day.

McMurray Stern plans to generate more innovative storage methods in the near future. Other services currently offered include: building facilities surrounding climate control, storage, and aseptic vaults to keep out bacteria. Depending on your industry, McMurray Stern is guaranteed to provide the right shelving and storage solutions.

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