MTG: GOP ‘doesn’t deserve support’ if they can’t protect kids from underage transitioning

MTG: GOP ‘doesn’t deserve support’ if they can’t protect kids from underage transitioning

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Republicans must defend children against being exposed to underage transitioning, which she referred to as a form of “child abuse.”

The Georgia Republican railed against normalizing youth sex changes, calling on her party to take a tough stand against them.

“Republicans are worth nothing. The party does not deserve the support if we cannot fight on this one issue and that is to protect children from this disgusting, evil agenda that is going to destroy them,” Mrs. Greene told Dan Ball of One America News Network.

Mr. Ball also showed a clip of a Los Angeles-area pediatrician saying adolescents were capable of making “reasonable and logical decisions” and if a female wanted to get breasts later in life after removing them, they had that option.

The congresswoman referred to that concept as “child abuse” that must be fought.

Republicans have become increasingly vocal against transgender issues, including speaking out against transgender women playing with cisgender women in sports. Several red states passed laws restricting such participation.

House Republicans have also been setting up an anti-trans agenda ahead of potentially taking back the lower chamber in November.

Among the bills introduced include legislation to block federal funding to colleges where transgender women can play on women’s sports teams, as well as a bill that would let transgender people sue doctors who helped them transition as minors.

Another federal bill targets schools that disobey state laws that restrict promoting educational materials that are “harmful” to minors.

Rep. Jim Banks, Indiana Republican who chairs the Republican Study Committee, said he wants to make this issue a priority in the majority.

“I hope these are legislative initiatives that we can pass when we get the majority back,” Mr. Banks told Reuters.

Democrats, meanwhile, have painted the GOP as bigoted and transphobic, asserting their support for transgender people and youth.

“Transgender rights are human rights … we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring every transgender and non-binary person is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We will never stop fighting to achieve true equality,” the Democrats’ official Twitter handle tweeted on this year’s Trans Day of Visibility.

Democrats, who control both chambers of Congress and the White House, have prioritized advancing a more inclusive LGBT agenda, including protections for transgender and nonbinary people.

President Biden recently unveiled sweeping changes to the Title IX law that would enhance protections for transgender people. 

A federal judge, however, temporarily blocked Mr. Biden’s measure, saying it could infringe on state’s rights.