Nancy Pelosi not giving up on persuading Joe Manchin to enact Biden agenda

Nancy Pelosi not giving up on persuading Joe Manchin to enact Biden agenda

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday she still believes President Biden’s agenda can reach the finish line with the help of Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democrat.

Mrs. Pelosi is fixated on what she can get done now while Republicans are formulating midterm election plans necessary to take power away from her in this November’s elections.

Asked in an appearance on “Face the Nation” about reviving Mr. Biden’s Build Back Better proposal and Mr. Manchin’s role, Mrs. Pelosi indicated she thought there was a path forward for the social-welfare spending bill that would include the West Virginian.

“Well I have spoken to the senator over time. I do think there’s an agreement to be reached,” Mrs. Pelosi told CBS host Margaret Brennan. “It’s so important for our country, whether we’re talking about right now the need for child care for moms and dads whose children may or may not be in school, child care is so important all the time.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News he believes Republicans have a path to replacing Mrs. Pelosi that capitalizes on retiring Democrats and how various districts get drawn.

“Coming up this month will be the one-year anniversary of one-party rule and what do we have? We have COVID spiking, closed schools, and a crippled economy,” Mr. McCarthy said on Fox News. “And the Democrats’ number one focus is still exactly where they have always been, H.R.1, to change the election laws, to rig an election to give them an ability to win when they should not, to put a speech czar to tell us what to say, to use campaign finance to fund these elections, to weigh the Federal Election Committee to [one-side] on the Democratic side.”

Mr. McCarthy hinted that many investigations of the Biden administration will come if Republicans take power and cited the process of withdrawal from Afghanistan as one place where he would want Republicans to pursue such probes as a majority party in Congress.