Rand Paul cancels DirecTV after it drops OAN

Rand Paul cancels DirecTV after it drops OAN

DirecTV’s cancellation of One America News has caused at least one cancellation back.

Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, took to Twitter on Monday to denounce the decision last week by the satellite provider, a subsidiary of AT&T, to drop the conservative network.

DirecTV “is cancelling @OANN so I just cancelled my home Direct TV. Why give money to people who hate us?” Mr. Paul wrote.

Mr. Paul is the latest conservative to accuse DirecTV of ideological censorship for dropping OAN, which liberal media outlets have accused of spreading misinformation.

Democratic politicians have called on media and social-media outlets to stop the spread of false ideas and conservative politicians say Silicon Valley is following their demands, with the OAN dropping being the latest example.

“The Left’s purge continues: -YouTube demonetizes Dan Bongino. -DirectTV drops One America News. –Twitter suspends Dr. Malone. Who’s next?” Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, wrote Saturday on Twitter.