Sitting Like This Can Carry Main Health Advantages As You Age


It’s well-established that spending an excessive amount of time sitting (ahem, working at a desk) may have an effect on our our bodies. Sitting all day can lower muscle power and is linked to dangerous well being outcomes like coronary heart illness.

However is all sitting created equal?

Some people say sitting on the bottom is definitely good in your well being, and ought to be executed frequently ― an idea that just about appears too good to be true.

Beneath, consultants shared with HuffPost the professionals and cons of sitting on the ground — and why nobody posture is good.

Sitting cross-legged on the bottom could be good for mobility and suppleness.

Most adults possible don’t typically discover themselves continuously sitting on the ground within the cross-legged place. However youngsters who frequently sit and play on the ground could also be onto one thing.

“I really think from a health benefits or a musculoskeletal condition standpoint, that [cross-legged sitting] posture really does help us with … hip, low back and knee range of motion,” mentioned Dr. Christopher Bise, an assistant professor within the division of bodily remedy on the College of Pittsburgh. It additionally helps preserve our decrease physique versatile, he mentioned.

Dr. Jennifer O’Connell, a physiatrist on the Hospital for Particular Surgical procedure in New York, added that “one of the problems with sitting in a chair is that it’s a position where your hamstrings tend to be tight — sitting in a cross legged position may help that somewhat.”

However when you aren’t capable of get your self right down to the ground, you may nonetheless work in your mobility and suppleness.

“Remember that these positions don’t necessarily have to be on the floor. You can, on a couch, get in to the cross-legged sitting position, or you can use different sitting positions on the couch that will also increase your range of motion, as well,” Bise defined.

Having a superb vary of movement is necessary as you age.

Sustaining your vary of movement is necessary for a lot of causes — you’ll be higher capable of get round your home, do your errands, and play with kids and grandchildren as your years improve.

“But I think one of the things that happens when we get older is … we become less flexible because we begin to slow down ― but we don’t have to be less flexible,” Bise mentioned.

“And when you think about the treatments you’re going to receive from a physical therapist … one of the first things they’re going to do is assess both your joint mobility and your muscle flexibility for the muscles around your joints and see how they’re moving,” Bise continued. “And when we have bones and joints and muscles that are inflexible, that are stiffer, we’re not going to move as well or as efficiently as we could.”

Going from sitting on the bottom, to the chair, to strolling and exercising is an effective way to maintain your self cellular and versatile.

Plus, the flexibility to really get into and out of a seated-on-the-floor posture can be necessary, Bise mentioned. Older adults are susceptible to falls, he mentioned, but when they’ve the flexibility to rise and decrease to and from the ground, they’ll be extra capable of forestall falls sooner or later or get themselves up if want be.

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Sitting on the bottom generally is a good solution to preserve your vary of movement and suppleness.

Sitting on the bottom can work your core, too.

Sitting on the bottom engages your core muscle tissue in a means that simply doesn’t occur while you’re sitting on a chair, in keeping with O’Connell.

With out again help from a chair, your core muscle tissue mechanically activate, she mentioned.

“And then just the mere act of getting up from that position is beneficial for your whole body. You’re exercising your hips, your knees, your entire lower chain and your core in order to get up,” O’Connell defined.

However this doesn’t imply you need to sit on the bottom all the time.

You’ll be able to strive sitting on the bottom for half-hour or so, however you shouldn’t plop down on the ground for your entire day.

“There’s a reason that your Apple Watch reminds you every 60 minutes to get up and start moving again … some of it is postural, some of it is just simple motion and getting calories going, but some of it is also changing postures as well,” Bise famous.

O’Connell mentioned that she routinely tells her sufferers who work desk jobs to rise up and transfer round — whether or not that’s strolling to get a glass of water or simply transferring round the home.

“Before you know it, an hour to two hours have gone by, you didn’t get up and move. And although you didn’t really notice that because you were focused on tasks, your back did notice that,” O’Connell defined.

Sitting on the bottom shouldn’t be superb for everybody.

“One reason where floor seating may be detrimental is if you have joint issues,” O’Connell mentioned. “As a matter of reference, I have an issue where my hips don’t open up very well, so sitting in a traditional cross-legged position on the floor for me is very challenging.”

Moreover, individuals recovering from sure surgical procedures or accidents may have bother sitting on the bottom.

“Just like with anything … check with your doctor before you start any type of exercise regimen,” O’Connell mentioned. “But you can consult with a physical therapist, and they can give you strategies for getting up and down off the floor.”

Whereas it’s good to place your physique in numerous postures and positions, you shouldn’t accomplish that if it’s not secure for you.

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