Staying Optimistic During A Global Pandemic With YouTube Star Mustafa Hussain

Staying Optimistic During A Global Pandemic With YouTube Star Mustafa Hussain

As the U.S. and much of the world has been staying socially distant to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the loss of in-person interaction with friends, family and coworkers has caused many to feel lonely and depressed. But, finding ways to stay optimistic may mitigate these feelings, according to YouTube star Mustafa Hussain.

Mustafa Hussain is a YouTube star whose content is solely based on spreading a positive message and helping others. The 25-year old influencer’s random acts of kindness have gone viral not only because they radiate positive vibes, but because they send an important message – that the world should be optimistic during times like this. This message has resonated with people all over the planet and his videos have amassed over 25 million views to date.

When we first reached out to Mustafa, we were blown away by his kindness and generosity in providing us tips and suggestions on how to stay positive and optimistic in a COVID-19 world. Below are some of the tips Mustafa gave us that can help increase positive energy in our lives:

  • Recognize something positive in your life everyday
  • Take that positive event and write it down or tell someone about it
  • Begin a daily blessings journal
  • Set a reachable goal each day and mark your progress
  • Understand how random acts of kindness can have a large impact on positive energy and start to practice a random act of kindness each day, large or small
  • Show kindness and empathy to others

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us in ways we could never have predicted just two years ago, from unconventional amounts of family time to working from home — or not really working at all. These crazy, rapid changes in the way we live, added with uncertainty, can feel scary, especially for elders and younger children. While we already know that it’s always helpful for the family to stay positive, it’s sometimes easier said than done and the tips Mustafa taught us can definitely be implemented to help improve our outlook on life. For more positive and inspirational content, follow Mustafa’s journey below.