The Inspiring OFI!

The Inspiring OFI!

When you’re part of two different worlds…  three different cultures, and you don’t seem to 1t in either due to your versatility; you 1nd yourself asking, “Who am I and where do I belong?”. Too young to understand the power that’s within you, when these cultures combined to create you…leaves you questioning your own identity. Feelings of cultural abandonment arise from within you, but when you turn that beat on, your heart comes alive! Look back and realize, you managed to create diamonds from within the pain you were once lost in!

In high school, she was bullied and alienated for being bi-racial. Born to a beautiful African American & Filipino mother, and an Armenian father; OFI was the perfect mixture of three cultures blending into a creative vessel of a passionate being, now simply known as OFI! Raised by her Armenian grandmother, Ms. Ofel made sure she was surrounded by love and lent her strength to ensure OFI never felt like she was less than those she grew up around. Yet, this world can be cruel to those who don’t “1t the part”, through their ignorant vision!

Every time she turned the beat on and began singing…she knew one day the melody that’s within her heart would have everyone dancing to her tune! Fast-forward to the present day… OFI is now signed to ACE Life Entertainment, LLC. Not only is she the Rag-ship Artist, she is also the owner of her own imprint Multi-Media Group underneath, ACE Life Ent.’s umbrella. Being a creative and intelligent young lady, she

knew that ‘Ownership is Key’! She’s very hands-on with her image, the music that is produced and her social media movements. More and more, she has tapped into her heritage, producing Armenian Pop music. Having the versatility of a chameleon, she then seamlessly bounced to a Hip Hop beat with the same ease and grace. Having the ability to rap and sing, gives her the type of edge she needs to ride the beat effortlessly, while always staying in the pocket!

OFI has surrounded herself with industry professionals, from a production team of musical geniuses to a branding team who matches the music with the type of business moves that will create a residual stream of income in order to line up her pockets for years to come! Beauty meets brains, meets style and grace…that is Miss OFI, get to know this rising star as she catapults us into the stratosphere with her melodic tunes and 1ery vocals!

Written By Ani Galestanian LimitLess Entity