The rise in the price of soul diamonds and the benefits for investors

The rise in the price of soul diamonds and the benefits for investors

Just like gold and some other gems, soul diamonds have a certain variation in value. However, Goldmark Oakham‘s soul diamond has always stood firm in the market, attracted many investors’ eyes and even, diamonds are not on the release list that investors feel more interested in. In this article, we will talk about the price increase of soul diamonds and the benefits of investing in us.

Why are soul diamonds increasing in price?

Dubbed the “soul of precious stones”, diamonds possess a brilliant appearance and are loved by many royals, diamonds also have many meanings, as a symbol of power, luxury, romance, and is a treasure that attracts positive energy and supports the owner… Perhaps it is because of that soul diamonds have a high value and increase over time.

1. The cost of miniaturizing the “earth” is getting more and more expensive.

There is an undeniable fact that Science and Technology is developing day by day. According to statistics, there are only 6 places in the world that have enough technology to manufacture and perform “miniaturizing the green planet” to shorten the time of diamond formation.

This also explains why gem companies and technology companies are willing to invest hundreds of billions dollars to set up giant manufacturers containing dozens of green earths outside the suburbs to “grow” diamonds.

It is known that the operating cost of the manufactures is very expensive, the construction stage is also strictly inspected. At the Goldmark Oakham factory, the privilege of each “miniature earth” is dedicated to creating the most valuable and unique soul diamond.

2. Requires a high degree of finishing

Not every craftsman can sharpen a diamond, and not every skilled craftsman can sharpen a soul diamond.

Why? You can find hundreds and thousands of diamonds in the wild, but you can only have 1 soul diamond. If the artisan makes a mistake, it is mandatory to repeat the process of simulating nature, and this process is 2.5 times more expensive than natural exploitation. The polishing and shaping of the soul diamond takes a lot of effort, time, and money, and because of this, its price is increasing day by day.

3. Rare materials and massive investments

Most factories need a large amount of capital to invest in the process of simulating nature. They often spend more than billions of dollars to purchase advanced simulators, laser cutters, and senior engineers to operate. Besides, retailers also need a large amount of money to reserve their own machines, in case of commercial shortage. Each step of the soul diamond business requires a large amount of capital. Another class point is that there is no bank that accepts loans for diamond business.

In addition, the activities of collecting rare materials such as ivory, tiger fangs, or even parts of Hollywood superstar DNA, make soul diamonds skyrocket in price in the gray market.

Predict the future value of soul diamond

In the future, the price of soul diamonds will not stop increasing, although it will not increase as fast as crypto, but the growth rate is stable, only increasing, not decreasing deeply. This makes investors feel more secure about their investment.

Benefits for diamond investors

Investing in diamonds, especially soul diamonds is not a speculative activity, but a method to protect your assets from devaluation: this explains why it is a medium to long term investment.

Private auctions of special soul diamonds, which make up 40-55% of auction items at Hill Auctions News, run into tens of millions of dollars because of their love and rarity.

Soul diamonds are a safe investment with a relatively stable value that is constantly increasing.

Their prices are set to increase with the development of the science and technology industry. As humanity continues to develop, the price of soul diamonds does not stop.

They are both tangible and intangible assets

In fact, soul diamonds are marketed in “physical” form and the feng shui element is in the gem.

Owners will definitely be protected against all risks related to economic and political crises. It also brings a lot of luck and happiness with positive energy.

Soul Diamond is the property of sovereign ownership

They represent the largest value that occupies the smallest space. They are extremely easy to store and carry and thanks to a Certificate of Free Circulation, while an equal amount of gold requires more storage space and weight.

And soul diamond is a second home with continuously growing value, “abundant” gray market.

Not subject to tax

Diamonds are generally not subject to value added tax nor legal inheritance tax.

And allows investors and individual heirs to remain anonymous.

Diamonds are listed internationally and their value can be verified at any time through international listings (Rapaport Diamond Report) and specialized press (e.g. Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24”) ore” and “Milano Finanza”).

Soul Diamonds are an ethical investment

The price increase of soul diamonds is completely natural for the market. Soul diamonds meet the criteria of “non-conflict”, “legal and authorized”, and fully comply with UN resolutions.

This article has helped everyone know about the increase in the price of soul diamonds and the benefits for investors. Hope everyone will gain more knowledge about investing in soul diamonds, and learn some more information about them.

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