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For individuals who have them, ingrown toenails want little introduction. They happen when the nook of the nail grows and curves into the pores and skin, the end result of too-tight sneakers, incorrect trimming or damage to the nail. They trigger irritation that’s notoriously uncomfortable: Ingrown nails could make it painful to easily put on sneakers, and even trigger ache when the affected nail a lot as brushes towards bedsheets.

Discomfort from ingrowns can permeate even banal elements of on a regular basis life, and consequently, many of us with ingrown toenails study to easily dwell with this irritation and ache. I spent years hoping-slash-deluding myself into believing that my very own ingrown massive toenails, brought on by years of too-tight cleats and heels, weren’t that disruptive to my life and would ultimately enhance on their very own. But in the future final yr, I brushed certainly one of my ingrowns towards my carpeted flooring and located myself doubled over in ache. I used to be pressured to acknowledge that my ingrowns weren’t sustainable, and so they weren’t going to get higher by themselves.

I combed the web for the greatest residence remedy for ingrowns, and located the CurveCorrect ingrown toenail remedy package on Amazon. I’m protecting over my cash and was cautious of spending $45 for the package, however after studying by testimonials from reviewers who, too, have been initially skeptical however have been finally “gobsmacked” and “delighted” at its outcomes, deeming it “worthy every penny,” I made a decision to make the leap — and I’m so glad that I did.

The package is designed to deal with and proper the foundation of the issue: a nail that’s actually rising and curving incorrectly. It really works by utilizing skinny stress braces, which act like springs, to slowly and gently straighten the nail. The brace additionally relieves stress from the ingrown, serving to ease discomfort inside days, in accordance with CurveCorrect and the expertise of myself and plenty of reviewers. The brace attaches to the affected nail utilizing a high-bond adhesive.

“For a simple, non-infected toenail that tends to become ingrown near where the nail grows out beyond the nail bed, this type of product could be helpful,” Dr. Howard E. Friedman, a podiatrist at Suffern Podiatry in New York State, instructed HuffPost.

After all, it’s at all times a good suggestion to go to a podiatrist if you happen to’re experiencing ache from an ingrown toenail. In case your ingrown is especially extreme, it is going to require surgical procedure or an in-office process with the intention to appropriate it. You shouldn’t go for residence remedy in case your ingrown reveals indicators of an an infection, fungus or open wound, or in case your nail has excessive curvature (higher than 180 levels). As well as, of us with restricted mobility might profit from a second individual’s assist to use the brace. The package will not be appropriate for kids beneath 8 years previous. For extra data, try CurveCorrect’s web site.

For my functions, I discovered the CurveCorrect brace to be a game-changer. Inside every week of making use of the brace, my ingrowns had noticeably improved and flattened. A yr later, after having worn the braces for a number of months, I nonetheless can’t fairly consider how a lot better my nails appear and feel. Each my massive toes are actually even and flat, and so they don’t damage anymore, which seems like one thing of a miracle.

Earlier than making use of the brace, I — and plenty of reviewers — advocate that you just learn and re-read the directions. The house remedy is straightforward sufficient, however ought to be performed rigorously.

The principle factor to remember is to not push your nail to appropriate too rapidly, so you must err on making use of the brace towards the broader finish of your toenail to start out, the place the brace will probably be longer and thus maintain much less stress. Very slight discomfort is regular while you first apply the brace, however ache will not be regular. If ache does happen, take the brace off instantly. Then, if you wish to proceed, apply the brace with much less stress — reduce it longer — and apply it additional down your nail, in the direction of the broader finish of the nail.

As for stopping future ingrowns? “The best prevention is to allow the corners of the nails to extend beyond the nail fold and cut the nail straight across. Most ingrown nails that I see are due to people who cut the nail too short,” stated Friedman over e-mail. “Only ballerinas and sprinters need short toe nails.”

Take a look at what reviewers need to say in regards to the CurveCorrect package, or seize your CurveCorrect package now from Amazon.

“I wish I’d taken a ‘before’ picture…these strips works exactly as I hoped (but doubted) they’d work! They take a little practice to get on just right. You need a steady hand, a bright light, and a gentle squeeze on the glue bottle so you don’t apply too much glue. If you get the strip applied properly, it’ll last a week or two before it comes off. They do stay a little “catchy” on the ends, even with submitting, so I apply a bandaid over the strip to ensure my socks don’t catch and encourage the strip to return free. My massive toes had such a decent curl on the finish that the corners have been practically assembly within the center. After sporting for only some days there was a noticeable change. After every week or week and a half, the nail has a really pure mild curve on the finish. I’ll put on the strip/brace till it reaches the top of the nail. I could reapply one other strip nearer to the nail mattress to encourage appropriate progress till I really feel sure that my nails received’t revert again to the curve. The strips don’t damage to put on and have relieved any ache from the nails biting into my toes. I can’t be any happier with this product!!!” — Michelle

I don’t gush about products, and am hesitant to believe gushy, exclamation point laden reviews. But this darned little system worked for mr, almost instantly. Advice – read the various reviews that go into detail re what to expect and best way to succeed. I am elderly, stiff of joint, too much belly, and can’t see worth beans. I read reviews, read through the instructions twice, and set up a sort of dry run to see where I might run into trouble. If you can possibly find one, get a helper. BUT, it can be done alone if you follow the directions. When placing the first glue laden end of the brace strip, I advise starting with the side of your toenail that is more difficult to see and reach. My ingrown nail on the big toe hurt a lot at each corner where the nail was digging in as well as on the bottom of the toe. In less than an hour after the brace was glued into place, nothing hurt. I kept poking and squeezing, not quite willing to believe. This was a toe that was so sore that even the sheet on it would increase the pain. Shoes were limited to thongs and clogs. Three days after I applied the little strip, I went for a pedicure, fully expecting the brace strip to fall off in the swirling foot bath. Nope. The tech filed down the blunt ends a bit then treated the nail like the other nine. 52 hours later and all is well.” — Stephanie L.

I highly recommend this product. I learned about it online and had only other reviews to convince me if it works or not. I took the chance and I am so glad I did. My guess is you will be, too, but they have a satisfaction guarantee so it’s really no risk. I always thought the shape of my toes was just one of those things that I couldn’t change about myself and that occasional pain & pressure from my toenails getting longer was inevitable. I put these braces on two days ago. Within 2 hours on the first day I could already feel tremendous relief on my left foot- like the edge of my toenail was being gently lifted away from my toe…not at all painfully the way it feels when something is beneath the nail pushing it up. I wore socks and shoes yesterday and the braces didn’t snag or feel uncomfortable. I didn’t know if I got the edges all the way glued down so I was worried, but they were fine. Today I can feel the differences on both feet, and my left foot already seems like I have a whole different toenail shape. It used to start wide at the base and then get narrower toward the tip but now it’s the same width all the way up and I am 100% PAIN FREE for the first time in probably 10 years.The difference is so noticeable that I’ve come to realize my former version of “normal” was truly barely tolerable and I’d merely grown accustomed to it. I hate that it took me this lengthy to discover a product that might assist. However I additionally LOVE that this product exists.” — Julie H.

I was very dubious about this product initially. I’ve had ingrown toenails on both big toes for around 15 years and I’ve tried everything in the past including removing both nails, seeing podiatrists etc, all whom have said the only way to fix permanently was to have the ingrown part surgically removed to stop that area of the nail growing back. Whilst this may seem like a good option for some, I just didn’t want to have narrow big toenails, so I declined each time and carried on with my severely curved nails. As the ingrown part did not hurt I guess I just put up with it! Last year my nails also started to grow ridged and very thick, which was awful for me and I needed to come up with another plan. After researching loads of products/tools/creams/remedies etc I came across this product and thought I’d give it a go. I was not disappointed. In fact I was shocked at how good it has worked. I’ve needed to use 3 times (on both toes), but after just the first time i could see huge improvements in just a couple of weeks. The strips stayed on for around 4-5 weeks each time, and now I can say for the first time in years and years, I finally have semi-flat big toe nails and I’m DELIGHTED with this product. I had to pay for shipping to the UK as the product is not available here, but it was worth every penny. I just wish I had found it years ago. Be patient with the process, follow the instructions VERY CAREFULLY, in fact read them over and over before you start and it will make sure the application works and fits first time. Don’t hesitate, this product has changed everything for me, I can now wear pretty open toed shoes and sandals without embarasment for the first time in over a decade. Very Happy.” — Mrs P

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