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Wendell Pierce is defending his “righteous anger” about racism, detailing a private state of affairs during which he says he was denied an condo due to his race.

The award-winning actor has graced numerous Broadway phases and starred in iconic TV reveals like “The Wire,” however shared Monday that, even so, he was rejected as a possible tenant at a New York Metropolis condo constructing — in gentrified Harlem.

“For those of you who don’t understand my righteous anger;” Pierce wrote Monday on X, the platform previously often called Twitter. “I’m on 2 TV series, ELSBETH and RAISING KANAN. I’m filming SUPERMAN. Two years ago, I finished the fourth season of JACK RYAN.”

“Last year I finished a run on Broadway in DEATH OF A SALESMAN,” he continued. “Even with my proof of employment, bank statements and real estate holdings, a white apartment owner DENIED my application to rent the apartment…..in Harlem, of all places. Racism and bigots are real.”

“The Wire,” which spurred Pierce’s profession, famously tackled systemic racism and political corruption.

The actor argued on social media Monday that some individuals simply need to “destroy life’s journey for Black folks.” He used his expertise for instance of the continued downside of racism after an appeals court docket blocked investments in companies owned by Black ladies.

Pierce shared a Wall Road Journal article Monday on X concerning the eleventh U.S. Circuit Courtroom of Appeals ruling to dam Fearless Fund, an Atlanta-based funding agency making an attempt to battle financial inequality by operating a grant program for Black ladies.

Wendell Pierce is an award-winning stage, movie and tv actor, but had bother securing an condo, he says.

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The ruling sided with Edward Blum, a conservative litigant against range efforts like affirmative motion, who argued that contemplating race violates Part 1981 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act — which was handed to protect former slaves from discrimination within the first place.

“It makes me sick motherfucker how far you will go to destroy our ability to live our lives in peace and prosperity,” Pierce wrote on X. “Attacked in schools, attacked by police, attacked for expecting to live the stated values of this country, and attacked when successful in business.” The actor slammed conservatives who purport to assist much less authorities however then intervene within the lives of minorities.

His feedback have sparked dialog on social media about racial bias — and Pierce mentioned his rental rejection and the court docket case Tuesday on CNN.

“While I appreciate the response to my own personal experience of discrimination in housing, I only mentioned it as an example of the insidious nature of bigotry,” he wrote on X. “This court decision is profoundly more disturbing and injurious. A CALL TO ACTION.”

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