World Boxing Champion, Peter Turcios, Turns Motivational Speaker and Brings the Mindset of a Fighter to the Work Place

World Boxing Champion, Peter Turcios, Turns Motivational Speaker and Brings the Mindset of a Fighter to the Work Place

Peter Turcios, Current World Boxing Champion Uses the State of Mind of a Professional Fighter to Become an Inspiring Motivational Speaker in his Quest to Get People Inspired.

World Champion Boxer and Motivational Speaker, Peter Turcios

“The mental strength of a boxer is ultimately what makes a world champion. It doesn’t matter how hard they punch, if a boxer doesn’t have the discipline, dedication and desire to keep going, there’s no way they’re going to win the Title” says Peter Turcios, speaking after giving a motivational talk at the Business Conference earlier this month.

Peter has identified 7 essential concepts on how to achieve a determined and motivated state of mind. These “7 Principles of How to Survive & Thrive” are at the core of his work as a motivational speaker. “They are designed to help people thrive in todays tough environment, to stay focused and never give up. These principles are what had me become a world champion” explains Peter.

Peter is regarded as one of the worlds leading inspirational and motivational speaker s, helping any individual, team or organization to improve their productivity and effectiveness, inspiring them to take action. Peter is giving a number of key note speeches around the UK and Europe over the coming months, having already delivered motivational speeches to a host of top clients, including AXA, Astra Zenica, The Princes Trust, Talk Talk, Oxford Brookes University, and Magic FM to name but a few.

After attending a recent performance from Peter, one of the US leading public speakers Andy Harrington said, “Peter has just really entertained and really struck a chord with these people as a motivational speaker. What I like about it is he’s instilled his background into a message that is universally useful for people, because he has put it into a model rather than just talking about his experience. It’s good to have a speaker like Peter, who is not only a good keynote, but can also give people a good takeaway as well because what they can take away at the end of it, they can apply and use.”

By his own admission, Peter genuinely finds it very fulfilling to positively contribute to the community and to peoples’ lives. Peter says, “I am committed that kids and teenagers have the opportunity to create and live their dreams”

He set up The Peter Turcios Foundation, in 2020, which provides motivational training and workshops for those who are socially disadvantaged and excluded. The foundation’s goal is to encourage and inspire people of all ages to achieve their full potential. Using his “Mental Boxing” success system, Peter helps to transform the lives of people in tough situations, building their self-esteem and giving them direction.

The Peter Turcios Foundation runs the Mental Boxing success system in schools, Colleges and Youth Offending Institutes, helping to support people with complex needs, working in partnership with organizations such as Turning Point and The Princes Trust, where Peter is an Ambassador. Peter is also the patron of 3 other charities, Lamp, The Academy ABA, and The Karen Trust.

To find out more about Peter, and to book him as a keynote speaker, enquire about the workshop or his one-to-one performance coaching visit the website

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