15th Anniversary of InStyler Brands: Bringing Beauty to our Society in Various Forms

15th Anniversary of InStyler Brands: Bringing Beauty to our Society in Various Forms

Leading beauty company expands offerings in hair styling and skincare, partners with Sephora, Ritz-Carlton, more; prepares launch of InSpyre ambassador movement

BOSTON (February 27, 2024) The recently formed InStyler Brands, a conglomerate of professional and at-home celebrity hair device brands including Flower Hair Tools by Drew Barrymore and its signature InStyler Rotating line, marks its 15th anniversary this year with new products, retail partnerships, global expansion, and a new take on social impact programs.

InStyler ended 2023 solidifying its position as a key player in the health/beauty industry for its best-in-class tools. The company came into 2023 having orchestrated strategic partnerships with industry giants like Nordstrom, Giftpack, Zola, and Anthropologie. This expansion includes partnerships with newly innovative platforms like Rebecca Oystila’s Boka.co as well as unique collaborations with iconic brands Sephora, Dermstore, and The Ritz Carlton. The company will be following these developments with new product expansions in hair health and in skin care with Vicki Nguyen’s high-end Fairiche Revisionist line.

InStyler Brands actively contributed to impact initiatives, sponsoring events like Asian Hollywood’s Unforgettable Gala and partnering with celebrity sports personalities such as hall of fame boxer Shannon Briggs and NBA coach, Daniel “Booby” Gibson, to support initiatives that uplift our community’s youth like the Champ’s new ACP backed Champ Wireless and Shooter’s U Talent Camp, respectively. Fugardi brings a career of opportunity community support and in unconventional partnerships with pro sports figures, he is now the beauty CEO who backs female representation in male-dominated programs known for strengthening the growth of America’s young adults. “I feel that there can always be more focus on the importance of bringing top-grade resources and tech capabilities to our young community’s young adults.”

Fugardi is interviewed about InStyler Brands new developments at the A.C. Boxing Hall of Fame.

Fugardi brings a career of supporting opportunity communities and after a few unconventional partnerships with pro sports figures, he is now a beauty CEO who drives female representation in male-dominated programs known for strengthening the growth of America’s young adults. Fugardi is now in talks with styling expert and Boston’s own radio personality, Victoria Reese, as well as Jamillia Lawrence, a celebrity styling professional, who also recently become the first woman boxer to be inducted into the Atlantic City’s Boxing Hall of Fame. “It’s our responsibility to make sure we have respectable leaders aiding emerging groups during their formative years and part of it is gathering and weaving positive assets into culture. This is why I push sports stars to collaborate, and I’ve seen the difference firsthand. Ironically, I just met with rapper BG TJAYSKII, who told me his lyrics have changed from being inspired by The Champ Shannon Briggs! The Champ was a voice that led him to be more true to the constructive messaging he has always cared much more about: seeing people win. And so it continues on to the next life…”

Fugardi with (L-R) Hall of Famer Boxers Jamillia Lawrence and Shannon Briggs, and meeting music artist BG TJAYSKII in Phoenix.

InStyler is launching its own social media driven experience called InSpyre for hair lovers in the days ahead. This program focuses on further unlocking the positive power available to influencers and will launch with an inclusive entrepreneurial focus for hair enthusiasts for Women’s Appreciation month.

“My hope is that we can assist in turning some of these platforms known for damaging youth into the power megaphone it could be for inspiration” said InStyler’s CEO, Dan Fugardi. “On this 15th anniversary year, we are applying innovation to how we impact the world together. The legacy of our brands is about creating positive human experiences and I look forward to all the ways we acknowledge and celebrate the growth of individuals in our community.” Fugardi recently engaged Shaka Technology Partners, led by Chris Jones, to increase technology system implementation speed and subsequent partnership capabilities.

Lastly, in one of several empowering series that highlights breakthrough talent, “Stellar Angelenos”, first recognizes InStyler’s own head of operations, Arin Meyer. Named the company’s 2023 MVP, Meyer is given two awards and is applauded for being a community role model who embodies the brand’s ethos as a highly principled & respected young executive. When asked to comment on what she sees for the company, Meyer stated: “As a company we are pressing toward being the go-to brand for education, regardless of hair type. Operationally, we are becoming more agile with focused product development squads and a much lighter domestic configuration with capabilities of servicing in all channels globally.” Meyer has become known for her operational prowess, strategic mind, and aggressively driving the company’s recent transformation.

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