Cruise canceled after hitting iceberg near Alaska

Cruise canceled after hitting iceberg near Alaska

A Norwegian Cruise Line ship struck a small iceberg near Alaska over the weekend, ending its voyage prematurely.

While traveling through dense fog Saturday on its way to Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, the ship hit a growler — a small iceberg with 3.3 feet showing above the water and that is less than 6.6 feet across, according to USA Today.

The New York Post reported that one passenger estimated that the iceberg was roughly the size of a semi-truck.

The ship wound up docking at Juneau, where divers determined that the ship was damaged enough that it had to return to Seattle for repairs, per the Post.

No one was injured by the collision.

Everyone on board is getting a refund for the abridged trip, which may be a minor consolation prize for one family of seven. The Post said they had set out on the cruise after having postponed it for three years due to COVID-19.

Stewart Chiron, a cruise industry expert referenced by USA Today, said it is “extraordinarily rare” for ships to hit icebergs. In particular, it’s rare for a ship to have to amend its plans and check for damage because of a collision with an iceberg.