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Content Writer, Christine M Feliciano

As a 6yr old girl growing up in Detroit, she dreamt of becoming an attorney; life had other plans for Taeler Made. Her methodology became having to learn various life lessons independently with no role models or handbook. Determination and persistence are her driving vices. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in political science with a concentration in law and became a mom, an artist, an influencer, social media mogul, a creator, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a public figure, a seamstress, a designer, and a visionary. She is known for her adult entertainment persona and her success with her dancewear apparel. Designing and sewing is in her DNA and genetics, says Taeler; when asked where the inspiration came from designing costumes, she goes on to say how she has been sewing since a very young age and is very hands-on with her business, Taelermadedancewear. “I am a perfectionist, and no one can see my vision, so I hand-sewn every detail, every rhinestone, how I envision it until I am happy with the final product,” says Taeler. Taeler uses social media to connect with her audience. She flourishes off transparency while communicating in her segments, Talks with Taeler. Talks with Taeler is filled with raw,

authentic, honest, unedited advice that encompasses all topics in life. When asked about her motivation for beginning Talks with Taeler, she stated, “we were talking, and I was having conversations about what most people won’t talk about out loud. They were scared to say it out loud, and I’ve never understood why, but to each their own. I gave an honest perspective on it, and people liked listening to it for whatever reason, so I rolled with it, and it turned into a thing.” 

In one of her episodes, Taeler even mentions the importance of hygiene, which intrigued me to ask if she is willing to do a PG version of Talks with Taeler tailored to hygiene, our bodies, and grooming; Taeler enthusiastically said yes, she would love to. As that was another complex lesson she had to learn on her own, she says, “I had to ask many questions to various people to help take care of my own body, especially when I was a teenager.”

 Taeler’s message to everyone is, “you have to live for yourself because you never know when our last days here; we never know if we are going to wake up the next morning if we are going to make it while walking down the street or driving in your car, you never know; you have to live every day for you. Unfortunately, many times, people get caught up in just existing and trying to appease and live for other people, and that would be a life wasted if that is what they choose to do. My advice is live for you and choose what makes you happy even if you have kids because you cannot make the kids happy if you are not.”

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