“You dream it to manifest it.” Says Vyshakhi Kashinath, entrepreneur and humanitarian

“You dream it to manifest it.” Says Vyshakhi Kashinath, entrepreneur and humanitarian

The world is evolving with under 40 entrepreneur success stories, and we often look to our elders while navigating the trials of life. Still, in the entrepreneurial world, looking to the younger generation for inspiration is often beneficial. Young entrepreneurs are known for shaking things up while showcasing the bleeding edge of innovation and ingenuity. The proof is in the many successful businesses founded by entrepreneurs under the age of 40. today we are fortunate to be talking about one of them.

Girl boss, indeed! Vyshakhi Kashinath is a Canadian businesswoman and a humanitarian who is listed as one of the under-40 entrepreneurs and identified as an outstanding young achiever. She inspires others and already gives back to many communities through her humanitarian work. When asked how she feels about being a woman entrepreneur, she responded, “No matter how much we discriminate against people based on their gender, life, and difficulties. Becoming a women entrepreneur is not an easy journey, irrespective of their gender; it only becomes problematic in the case of women. Indeed, several women are leading a business, and many are in a position to become one. But they have lost many things and fought many battles to achieve what they have today. Today there are a lot of challenges. Women have paved the path for entrepreneurs in every industry for many decades. However, women face barriers in accessing capital, are less likely to seek debt and equity financing, and are more likely to be rejected or receive less money.

Defying gender stereotypes in more ways than one, Vyshakhi is not only a successful entrepreneur but one who has found success in the traditionally male-dominated hospitality field. In addition, she is an entrepreneur and a humanitarian who constantly gets challenged in both areas for being such a powerful force.

Vyshakhi completed her undergrad and post-grad in England, where she spent most of her youth—she later moved to Canada in 2015, where she completed her post-grad in human resource management and finance. Her career in Canada was mainly in retail, and she worked for luxury brands while structuring her business in the hospitality industry in Alberta, Canada.

Ranked 5th as the best steak house in Edmonton and 16th in Alberta, Vyshakhi is the proud owner of MEDIUM RARE STEAKHOUSE AND BAR, located in Alberta, Canada. Medium Rare was created out of a genuine desire to articulate a uniquely dry and raw meat vibe as you have never experienced. Medium rare offers a sleek and sexy space for meat-centric fine dining with a distinct twist. While talking about her first venture in the hospitality industry and sharing her experience, she said,” hospitality industry is one of the industries that is mainly affected by covid; my partner and I started the restaurant during the peak of covid; it was a challenging time for us as owners. But three years into the business, I can proudly say we don’t regret this journey. I love our customer reviews; that helps us move forward.” When asked what differentiate Medium Rare from another steak house, she responded that “We are a locally run business with all the produces and meat fully sourced 100% locally; we make all the sauces to finish dish all in our kitchen with fresh ingredients and serve it to our customer at a very reasonable price without compromising our quality.” She added, “the success of medium rare steakhouse lies within our team effort to make sure every customer is happy.”

In 2022 Vyshakhi Kashinath opened her first Burger Shack, “CUTS BY MEDIUM RARE, “a gourmet fast food concept located at the biggest outlet mall in Canada – Premium outlet mall Alberta. Cuts by Medium Rare offers shoppers the same incredible experience in a fast service form. The sophistication in design is matched by an emphasis on sourcing from Canadian producers and cuisine highlighted by seasonal ingredients. By combining true desire with quality and proficiency, Cuts by Medium Rare guarantees an enticing meat experience. Cuts by Medium Rare offers shoppers the same incredible experience in a fast service form. Juicy, delicious burgers and sides attract you to the restaurant, and you will always see the line-up s you proceed toward the counter. A customer said, “Unlike other fast-food restaurants, what attracted me towards cuts by medium rare was the fact that you can see them cook the burger you ordered in Infront of you.” When I read out this review about them to, Vyshakhi, she smiled and responded, “Yes, we have a live kitchen, and we have nothing to hide; what you see is exactly what we serve. We are very much an open concept where a customer orders a burger, and we freshly make it for them. “ 

Going deeper into her humanitarian achievements, we congratulated her for her leadership awards and other achievements. Then, I asked more about her newer strategies and programs to help women and children. Vyshakhi Kashinath explained how to post covid crime rates are increasing through cybercrimes. They have a school-based program for parents and their kids to understand safety on the internet and how to prevent possible events. She talked about WCAO (women and children’s aid organization) activities in India, “we are working towards uplifting tribal kids in the rural areas of Kerala by providing them school aid and scholarships. From a wider perspective, our goal is to bring forward a pilot foster care program in Kerala and Delhi by 2028. For that, we will need a lot of government support; we are working towards it; currently, an active pilot program is run by the Jamaican government with our partnership.”

When asked about her advice to people who want to be involved with humanitarian services she responded “I advise people who want to pursue humanitarian work to ensure they feel a genuine passion for helping people. Also, it’s essential to educate yourself on the issues you’d like to focus on and the challenges and ethical principles of this type of work. 

Gaining practical experience is critical, so seek internships, volunteer, or collaborate with local organizations. Use that opportunity to learn from more seasoned colleagues and the communities you serve: Foster adaptability, patience, and cultural sensitivity. 

You also want to build a strong network of like-minded people who can provide support when needed. Humanitarian work is quite a journey, so commit to learning from every step and every tumble. But, more importantly, learn how to listen to the communities you serve and prioritize their needs by collaborating closely with them.”

There is a lot to learn from people like Vyshakhi Kashinath, her humbleness throughout this talk as refreshing to watch and her goals and strategies are commendable. To follow her work and her achievements follow her on her socials.

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